About Jess

   Bonjour. I'm Jess's dog. You may call me Red. I play secret agent with my cat roommate once in a while. But you didn't hear that.

  Jess isn't much of a dog person (she sleeps in past my breakfast time, 4:30 am). I'm kind of jealous of all the horses she hangs around. She doesn't brush my mane! But then, I am known as a flea tourist bus, so how can you blame her?

 Oh, this page is supposed to be about her? . . .

   Well, when she isn't wasting all her time on this internet device, she reads encyclopedias and sings "Umbrella Beach" by Owl City off key. Even while she's playing backup piano or guitar, she still can't hit that one note in the back...

  Jesus Christ is her Lord. She is my lord. It's a hierarchy or something.

  The only movies you catch her watching are My Friend Flicka, Secretariat, Thunderhead, Dreamer, National Velvet, April Love (horse musical circa 1957), Angel and the Badman, Open Range, Food Inc, Fresh, and Heartland. Okay, Heartland isn't a movie, but the amount of time she spends watching that show? It's worst than waiting for someone to finish watching the director's cut of Titanic so you can use the computer.

 And now for the boring stuff:

   We homeschool together. She does Algebra 2, I do the whining. She reads the dictionary, I roll my eyes and moan. It's an equal partnership. Our relatives complain that we are unsocialized. Whatever. We [she] may only have enough Facebook friends to count on my toenails, but the few friends [okay, not on Facebook] we do have are dear and indispensable. We aren't afraid to speak out in a crowd, but we hold back and make sure we say the right thing.

 Sigh. She tells me I have to take out this 'we' stuff and make it about her. She didn't read the fine print in that 'Homeschooler Equal Partnership' contract.


  1. Hehe, I like that this is written from the point of view of your dog! LOL! :D I like your blog- very nice. *Pokes around*


  2. Hey Jess, so I know you don't know me, but somehow I ended up following you on twitter, and since then I saw that you sound a lot like me. I'm an author as well, I write a lot of science fiction and fantasy, I'm a big whovian (Matt Smith is the best), I was actually homeschooled until I graduated highschool, and most importantly, I'm a devout Christian. Yeah, sorry if I kinda sound like a stalker, twitter can do that. Anyway, if you like, you can check out my blog, I've got some stories there you may (or may not) like. Maybe we can bring each other a little publicity :) idk, you can check it out, or you can ignore this comment completely. Here's the link, hope you like it :) http://jakelockwoodauthor.blogspot.com/

    1. Hello! Apologies for not responding for a while, I was on a blog hiatus.

      One of my friends saw your comment and said we sounded like twins. Haha. Your blog looks cool and I shall be poking around it in the near future.

      Thanks for stopping by, stalker. (JK xD)

    2. Twins? That's a little....creepy, but ok XD Sorry for not responding, I didn't even realize you'd replied until just now...soooo...yeah. Anyway, thanks for responding :) And I'm going to follow your blog right now, because for some reason, I hadn't done that already.
      Anyway, if you're interested, I just posted the first chapter of my soon to be published (probably in November) scifi novel. You can check it out and let me know what you think :)


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