Wednesday, May 29, 2013

Carrot Colored

My mom and I had been planning on baking a cake together, so last night I started grating carrots and we went to work on a carrot cake. When the cake was out of the oven and mom was making the frosting, I debated having a slice of cake so late at night.

 "Whatever you want, you're the one who is going to be eating this."
 "What, you don't want any?"
 "But what about you, dad?"

 . . .

Me: "I thought you wanted carrot cake. I would have made chocolate cake if I was going to be the only one eating it. This is too much cake for me!"

So now I have a huge sheet pan worth of cake to eat. That thing is going in the freezer. xD

Oh, and I was given a Go Pro Hero 3 camera as a graduation present. It takes a bucketload of editing to give a photo color and you can't zoom in or it looks weird but I'm thankful to at least have a camera again. :-)

This is me, proving I'm still on the face of the Earth. Good to speak to you again, blogger buddies! How is your spring shaping up?


  1. Spring? I've got Summmmmer =] And it's been lovely. I read four or five books in the last two days XD

  2. Dude, ship me some carrot cake! Haha! I'll eat it. Sounds delish.
    And that photo is like stunning. O_O Just sayin.. :O


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